How to insert more than one SWF slideshow into the webpage?

You can create the slideshow and upload to your website's subfolder, such as "slide1", "slide2" etc. then in your HTML which will contain these slideshows, you need to add the subfolder name to the path of the SWF file and the "XML_path" flash parameter.

For example:

We have created two slideshow in the folder "slide1" and "slide2" as shown below:

And the following image shows the code we used in the HTML file:

The key point in this sample is the file folder before the SWF and XML file.

<param name="movie" value="slide1/slide1.swf?xml_path=slide1/slides1.xml" />

<param name="movie" value="slide2/slide2.swf?xml_path=slide2/slides2.xml" />


1.If you are using Dreamwave or Frontpage, you should switch from design view to code view.

2.You should also copy all the files and sub-folders in the output folder to the same folder of your own html file. If you put these files in another folder, please change the code "sample.swf?xml_path=slides.xml" by adding correct path before the SWF and XML file.

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