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About SlideshowZilla - Ultra Flash Slide Show Tool

SlideshowZilla is an ultra slide show Flash tools that helps you display photo album and slideshows on your own web site. With dozens of preset themes, you can easily make XML driven photo galleries for website. SlideshowZilla is a template based Flash authoring tool, you don't need to know anything about XML or FLASH coding, there are only three simple steps to build a Flash photo slideshow. Each template can be customized, so the slideshow can easily be styled to match your own website design.

Features of SlideshowZilla

Dozens of preset template and fully customizable

SlideshowZilla is a template based application, it contains more than 20 preset templates for you to choose from. Furthermore, each template has lots of customizable options. You can resize the slide show, adjust color themes to match your website design.

Stand-alone Windows Application, No Flash IDE required

SlideshowZilla is a stand-alone windows application, you don't need Adobe Flash software or any Flash code knowledge. Although SlideshowZilla generate XML driven slide show, you don't need to know anything about XML.

Plenty of Photo Transition Effects

SlideshowZilla has more then 60 transition effect, transition effect make your still images alive on the website. you can select transition effect for each picture. or you may let the slide show to play randomly from these effects

Upload to internet for share

SlideshowZilla integrated with uploading function to photo sharing website skyalbum.com, you can create attactive photo album show and upload to internet for sharing easily.

Burn to CD, DVD disc

SlideshowZilla is not only an idea slide show tool for website, but also a powerful tool for backup your photos. With SlideshowZilla, you can burn the animated photo show to CD-R/RW,DVD-R/RW,DVD+R/RW disc. SlideshowZilla can save the origianl photos on disc, it's an ideal way to backup your photos too.