How to change slideshow size and template background color when you use Slideshow Zilla?

Slideshow Zilla is a template-based slideshow creator, however, there are lots of parameters can be changed to fit website design.

Step 1: Download and install Slideshow Zilla:

Step 2: Run Slideshow Zilla and add pictures in it,then choose a template in the category of "Image Scroll" in Theme" window.

Step 3.Choose a templates then find "Customize properties" item and click to open it. Then a properties windows will be shown:

Step 4:You can change slideshow size and background color in "Movie Size" and "Background color" items, and change color in " . After changing the properties, you can click the "Build" or "Build All" button to view your changes.

Stpe 5:Then you can click the "Go to Preset Panel" to back to the theme list window.

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Version: 1.55

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Released Date: Jun 18, 2010

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